Lwiro Chimpanzee Sanctuary Congo

Lwiro Chimpanzee Sanctuary Congo- Kahuzi Biega National Park

Lwiro Chimpanzee Sanctuary Congo : The Lwiro Chimpanzee Sanctuary, also known as Lwiro Primate Rehabilitation Centre (CRPL), was founded in 2002 by two Congolese institutions: the Institut Congolais pour la Conservation de la Nature (ICCN) and the Centre de Recherché en Sciences Naturelles (CRSN). During the Second Congolese War which took place between 1998 to 2004, poaching rose dramatically, and it was determined to provide a safe haven for orphaned monkeys to recuperate physically and psychologically from their ordeals.

Multiple partners’ resources both financial and technical are required to manage a long-term captive care facility with an emphasis on rehabilitation and conservation education. As a result, Lwiro Chimpanzee Sanctuary in the Democratic Republic of Congo encouraged partnership with non-governmental organizations to help with project management and development. Coopera, a Spanish non-governmental organization, arrived in 2006 to give technical and management assistance. The Ivan Carter Wildlife Conservation Alliance (ICWCA) became the sanctuary’s main partner in 2016, and the Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project (MGVP) joined the team in taking over the veterinary section the following year.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, Lwiro Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Kahuzi Biega national park is an essential conservation technique for primates. Currently, we are caring for 92 chimps and 108 monkeys from 13 different species, all of which have been victims of the pet trade or poaching.

Lwiro Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Congo is the ideal location for chimpanzee rehabilitation, local conservation education, and outreach since it is just 4 kilometers from Kahuzi-Biega National Park, which is designated by the IUCN as the world’s third most important site for the protection of the Eastern Chimpanzee.

Our chimps and monkeys have taken on the role of ambassadors for their wild relatives. Every year, the sanctuary’s education and awareness campaign touches about 4,500 people. In addition, Lwiro Chimpanzee Sanctuary is involved in the following activities:

  • Wildlife confiscated is rescued, rehabilitated, and reintroduced in a deliberate manner.
  • Environmental education and conservation
  • Projects in community development, health, and sanitation
  • Programs and activities related to research
  • Tourism, both domestic and foreign
  • Partnerships with both domestic and international organizations

The Lwiro Primates Rehabilitation Centre in Bukavu, South Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo, is a refuge for orphaned chimps and monkeys. Lwiro Chimpanzee Sanctuary presently houses approximately 90 chimps and more than 100 monkeys who have been rescued from poaching and illicit wildlife trading.

Lwiro Chimpanzee Sanctuary Congo
Chimps in Lwiro

The sanctuary is involved in various conservation activities, including rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife, promoting conservation in the Bukavu region, conservation research, ecotourism development, and harnessing partnerships with both local institutions and international organizations, according to the Lwiro Rehabilitation Centre website.

Visitors hiking eastern lowland gorillas in Kahuzi Biega National Park can make a quick stop at the Lwiro Chimpanzee Sanctuary to hear about the orphanage’s conservation efforts, given the orphanage’s proximity to the park.

Poachers mercilessly removed every chimpanzee inhabitant from their woodland habitat. The group’s adult chimpanzees are generally tracked down by dogs and shot, with the flesh being consumed by the poachers or sold as meat in towns or big city markets.

Infant chimps are too tiny to eat and can be sold as pets for a higher profit. Keeping a monkey as a pet is prohibited in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Congolese Government Wildlife Authority (ICCN) is occasionally able to capture these newborn chimps while they are still being transported and punish the poachers. The newborn chimps are subsequently brought to the chimpanzee sanctuary, where they will be cared for the rest of their lives.

Unfortunately, the ICCN is not always successful in intercepting the trafficking of newborn chimps, and the child is sold into the pet trade or dies in transit. Inadequate care often leads to the death of a young chimpanzee kept as a pet. However, even if the chimp survives, the newborn will suffer substantial bodily and psychological harm. The longer a chimpanzee is kept in poor conditions, the more harm it will experience.

The Lwiro Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Kahuzi Biega national park in Congo tries to offer the best possible care to all of its inhabitants and will do so as long as the wildlife trade exists in the nation. The chimpanzee sanctuary continues to support and collaborate with the ICCN and other conservation organizations in the region to combat illicit wildlife trafficking and ensure the safety of the region’s forests.

Lwiro Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Kahuzi Biega National Park in Congo provides a second shot at life for orphaned chimps while simultaneously assuring their safety in the wild. Many chimpanzee families are killed, leaving the young orphans stranded.

This is when other conservation agencies like Virunga National Park, Kahuzi Biega National Park and other rescue teams step in to transport the stranded orphan chimps to their safe haven at the sanctuary, where they can recover physically and psychologically from what they have witnessed, as most of them witness poachers’ actions on their families. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have also joined the battle to make this sanctuary a success. Lwiro is a great site for chimp rehabilitation, community conservation awareness, and outreach.

Since 1997, the Lwiro Chimpanzee Sanctuary has been designated as a World Heritage Site in Danger. The primates are cared after and loved by a well-equipped staff of around 46 personnel at this sanctuary. A veterinarian staff, chimpanzee caretakers, monkey caretakers, cooks/chefs, purchasers, and domestic helpers are all committed to the center’s success.

Lwiro Chimpanzee Sanctuary Congo
Chimpanzee Tracking in Lwiro Sanctuary

 The caretakers at Lwiro Chimpanzee Sanctuary are all highly experienced and well-trained professionals, with some having worked at the sanctuary since the first chimp arrived in 2002. Unlike humans, who survive on 3 meals per day, the cooks provide a well-balanced diet for each of the animals at Lwiro and all six meals each day that the Chimpanzees and monkeys consume.

The staff of two veterinary physicians has been the backbone of Lwiro Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Kahuzi Biega national park in Congo, working day and night to safeguard the monkeys’ health. Because there are both monkeys and chimps at the sanctuary, they each have their own team of caretakers who spend the most of their time with them, watching, loving, and assuring the chimps and monkeys in Lwiro Chimpanzee Sanctuary receive the greatest care and utmost attention.

How to get to Lwiro Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Kahuzi Biega National Park.

Lwiro chimpanzee sanctuary in the Democratic Republic of Congo, as the only chimp sanctuary in Congo, has piqued the curiosity of a lot of visitors, who have found it simple to go to Lwiro due to the good transportation systems and transportation methods that are accessible to bring them to their destination.

Lwiro Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Congo may be reached by road or plane, depending on your budget and the amount of time you have to spend during your Congo Safari. Because the sanctuary is adjacent to the Kahuzi Biega national park, tourists may drive from Bukavu to the sanctuary in approximately an hour. You will take a charter flight from Kigali to Bukavu, then a car transport to the monkey sanctuary.

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