Mount Bisoke Volcano Hike

Mount Bisoke Volcano Hike

Mount Bisoke Volcano Hike : Rwanda has five volcanoes inside its borders, some of which it shares with Uganda and others with the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with the Sabyinyo volcano shared by all three nations. Mt Muhabura, Mt Gahinga, Mt Sabyinyo, Mt Bisoke, and Mt Karisimbi are all part of Rwanda’s Volcano National Park. As a result, if you walk to the summit of Sabyinyo, you would have visited all three nations at the same time.

This one day Bisoke Hike in Rwanda is a wonderful and thrilling experience that should not be missed. Volcanoes National Park is home to the Mount Bisoke Hike. Adding a volcano hike to your Rwanda Gorilla Safari is a great way to spice up your adventure in the country of a thousand hills. At 12175 feet above sea level, Mount Bisoke, also known as Visoke, can be ascended in one day.

Plan your trip such that you may go gorilla trekking one day and then go up Mount Bisoke the next. Volcanic Mount Bisoke is located in the national park of Rwandan Volcanoes and borders the Congo’s Virunga National Park. There are two magnificent crater lakes to be seen on Mount Bisoke climb. One is located on top of Mount Bisoke and another one is approximately halfway down. After its last eruption in 1957, Mount Bisoke left a large lake in its wake.

Mount Bisoke is not only famous for its crater lakes, but also for the Mountain Gorillas, who are a significant tourist attraction in Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills, which may be found there.

Since the peak is reached after 6 hours of rising, the descent is also a one-day adventure that lasts around two hours in total. Trek briefing takes place in Kinigi, where the park offices for Volcanoes National Park are located, early in the morning before the hike begins.

You’ll be taken from your hotel to the trekking trailhead, where you’ll climb through the thorny horns at the foot of the mountain, up to the first Crater Lake, and then up to the top to see a second lake. Aside from primates such as gorillas or golden monkeys, which you aren’t permitted to shoot since they may be unaccustomed to humans, you can also expect to see buffaloes, elephants, and a variety of birds along the way. The trek will take around four hours in total.

From the top, you can see the whole volcanoes national park with its rough plant cover, as well as other nearby volcanoes in Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Mount Bisoke Volcano Hike
Mount Bisoke Volcano Hike

Packing List for visitors hiking Mount Bisoke Volcano in Rwanda.

  • A hiking permit for Mount Bisoke which can be purchased at Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda Development Board or through your trusted tour operator company like Explore Rwanda Tours, Achieve Global Safaris or Focus East Africa Tours.
  • Appropriate hiking shoes that are waterproof, light in weight, and comfortable for easy walking.
  • A trekking stick, which may or may not be supplied at the briefing, but bringing your own is okay.
  • Enough food to keep you energetic while tackling the task;
  • Enough bottled drinking water to keep you hydrated throughout the climb;
  • Remember to hire a porter if you have a large load that needs help.
  • Hiking clothing should include a long-sleeved shirt to protect your arms from bug bites and prickly plants, long pants, a rain jacket in case it rains, a warm sweater to keep you warm as you climb higher, sun glasses, garden gloves, and a cap.
  • A sun scream and Insect repellent to aid with the expulsion of insects
  • A camera, as usual, because you’ll want to document every moment of your journey.

How much does a permit cost for Mount Bisoke Volcano Hike?

A permit to ascend Mount Bisoke costs $75 per person and must be purchased in advance and picked up at the park headquarters on the day of the trek. Mount Bisoke hiking permit covers Volcanoes National Park admission fees and ranger costs but does not include porter rental fees, tips, or gratuities. As a gesture of gratitude, we typically advise our customers to tip the porters and rangers at the end of their walk.

How long does it take to hike Mount Bisoke Volcano in Rwanda?

As noted above, the walk to the top of Bisoke Mountain is hard, but doable for most people. A six-hour trek through local farmlands and plantations leads to the base of Bisoke/Visoke volcano, where you’ll pass through rocky terrain and ragged foliage, with plenty of stops to regain your breath and enjoy your packed lunch while taking in the magnificent scenery. In the wet season when the paths are slick and difficult to navigate, climbing may be exhausting. As a result, descending is very straightforward and takes approximately 2 hours or less, depending on the speed utilized and the nature of the terrain.

Bisoke Mountain Hiking, like any other mountain hiking activity, is a demanding experience that demands a certain degree of fitness to be able to ascend and descend in one day, thus a one-day Bisoke hike itinerary is sufficient for you to enjoy your short trip, but we generally propose a two-day itinerary. Thus, prepare your mind, spirit, and body for the trek by doing some workout beforehand to keep you fit while you enjoy the experience in Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills.

Mount Bisoke Volcano Hike
Mount Bisoke Volcano Hike

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