Rwanda camping safaris and tours

Rwanda camping safaris and tours : Camping safaris and tours in Rwanda are the best for travelers who would love to experience the love for nature and adventure, this tors are also the best safari for couples, who are in search for a quiet place to have their vacation or honeymoon.  It is a perfect way of heading to the wilderness with your beloved one, engage in several activities such as Golden monkey trekking, gorilla trekking and chimpanzee trekking, nature and canopy walk birding among others. Rwanda camping safaris and tour are much interesting wile in the wild for example in Rwandans national parks. Rwanda camping safaris and tours gives adventure lover an opportunity to expose themselves to the wilderness, experiencing what happens in the park at night when all lights are off but only the moon, stars and animals freely roaming in their territories in search for what to eat.

Camping in Nyungwe Forest National Park

Camping in Nyungwe national park offers all travelers with an unforgettable experience in Rwanda, the park is home to over 13 primate species including the chimpanzees, vervet monkeys, baboons, black and white colobus monkey among others, trekking the primates in the national park is open to all tourists above 15years of age, and done for approximately 6hours depending on how far they have moved. Additionally, enjoy a canopy walk that offers you a panoramic view of the entire national park and the neighboring places, not forgetting primates playing on the treetops. Rwanda camping safari is the cheapest way of having fun during a vacation, so don’t miss out on this offer.

Camping excursions in Nyungwe forest national park has currently been introduced with the control of the park management if you want to camp near Gisakura or Uwinka. A 3m # 3m canvas tents are available for rent to visitors who wants to enjoy the finest of Nyungwe forest national with their relatives and loved ones.

If you are planning a chimpanzee trekking trip to Nyungwe national park, canopy walks, night game drives, you may consider camping as a budget or less expensive alternative or option for lodging during your time in the park. You are recommended to   book with your tour operator or directly with the park and you can be assured a camping tent that will be waiting for you when you arrive.

Apart from camping in Nyungwe first national, you can also considered a number of excursion to the forest and its environment or surroundings such as visiting the tea plantations. This is an excellent opportunity for farm lovers or agro- tourists to learn how taste and delicious tea they enjoy is planted, harvested, fermented and processed before consumption. The tea plantation is located on the western part of Nyungwe national park close to Gisenyi town.

Camping in Nyungwe Forest National Park is a must while biking through the Congo Nile trail, this offers perfect opportunities to explore the park as a whole, as one meanders through the trail by bike, they are bound to encounter countless bird species, primates and other forest wildlife. It is also a perfect way to see all the beautiful tree and plant species that makes the forest so attractive to nature lovers. It is therefore important to carry along the right clothing, camping equipment, snacks and water.

Camping safaris and tour at Volcanoes National Park

Rwanda camping safaris and tours
Volcanoes National Park

Camping tours at Volcanoes national park gives you an opportunity to enjoy Rwanda camping safaris as you head for Gorilla trekking in Volcanoes national, home to a quarter of the world’s endangered mountain gorillas, and the late Dian Fossey’s research gorilla research center. Gorillas are human’s closest relatives on earth possessing 95%of human DNA as well as human behavior. With only 8 people are permitted to track this creature thus a perfect number for camping. Volcanoes national park has got unique camping sites including Red Rocks Rwanda located along Nyakinama Road, about 7 km outside Ruhengeri  which is close to Volcanoes National Park. The park is located in the northern part of Rwanda and it is known for protecting almost half of the world’s endangered mountain gorillas which can be sight during gorilla trekking experience. Red rocks Rwanda is nestled amidst rolling hills and splendid valleys. Its proximity to the volcanoes makes it a hotspot for tourists.

Camping tours and safaris at Akagera National Park

Camping at Akagera national park is a recommendable destination in Rwanda for camping safaris and tours,  it is a dwelling place to several bird species, unique tree species and mammals including; lion, leopards, Buffaloes, Elephants, antelopes among others . Akagera national park has a wide range of camping options where you will choose to stay for ample Mutumba Akagera Campsite located in the north, Shakani Akagera campsite and Muyumbu Campsites both located in the south of the park, Mihindi campsite and café lies in the north among others as you adventure the wilderness.

 Muyumbu is located high on a ridge overlooking Lake Ihema with Tanzania to the east.  the camp is a spectacular backdrop for the rising sun , Shakani is  located on the edge of picturesque Lake Shakani, offers a lakeshore camping experience, where travelers wake up to birdsong and the distinct grunt of nearby hippos. Shakani is the only campsite with running water, and its ablution block has flushing toilets and solar-heated showers. Mutumba is the most remote campsite located in the north in the park and scenic high-rolling grassland Mutumba Hills. This is the highest point in the park and evenings can be cool and breezy. Mihindi Campsite and Café lies in the northern sector. The old research house has been converted into a coffee shop and there is also a picnic area for day visitors.

Night drives in Akagera national park are only offered to guests staying overnight at the campsites. A sunset departure for a guided night drive adventure is an ideal way to end your day and are your best chance of seeing nocturnal such  as Leopard, lions looking for the a hunt, hyenas , serval cats, civet , observing Hippos feeding , listening to sounds of nocturnal birds like the night jars among others

What you need to carry on camping safaris and tours

Bathing soap, fork, spoons source pans for cooking, Torches flashlights, Swiss knife, bug spray, insect replant and others are provided from the campsite.

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