General questions on Uganda safaris

Uganda safaris are a dream, refreshing, adventurous and fun. They take you a zone of fauna and flora you have never experienced in your life and anywhere in the world. This is the reason travellers are always visiting Uganda to experience the uniqueness of the Ugandan safaris.

And because of the many people that visit the country through the year, likewise there are many questions about Uganda safaris. In this article we answer most of those questions to help you understand the Uganda safaris.

Which are the best Uganda safaris?

This question is based on the person on the safari or taking the safari. It’s purely a preference question. So all we can answer is that Uganda has very many safaris from primate safaris, savannah wildlife safaris, nature exploration safaris, assorted activity safaris and many more. Uganda also has additional top up tours like the Jinja recreational tours, Mountain hiking adventures among other things that you can enjoy while in Uganda.

So we advise you study each safari well, understand it and then choose what you would want to take as your safari while in Uganda. You can also consult your tour operator for any more information.

What is the Best time for Uganda safaris?

All year round; any time you feel like seafaring in Uganda; you can have your safari be rest assured. Definitely the peak safari season is usually the dry season that are between Jan and Mar then June and August. But anytime you decide to have that safari, you will surely enjoy it.

What are the Best safari places in Uganda?

All safari places in Uganda are the best because each place gives you a unique experience of the safari, from the journey there to the activities and then back; all places are great you will not be disappointed.

However we recommend that you try and visit the popular safari places like Bwindi National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kidepo National Park, Murchison Falls National park among other places.

Does Uganda have Road trip safaris?

Yes! Yes! And yes. Because all the safari destinations are far from the capital kampala; you will have to take a road trip on almost all the safaris you are going for in Uganda. And the fun thing about the road is the different stops you get to interact with the communities, visit monumental sites and other exciting things.

Can I fly to a safari destination in Uganda?

Some, not all! There is an option of flying from Entebbe or Kajjansi to safari destinations like Bwindi National Park, Kidepo National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison falls National park and a couple of other destinations.

If you are opting to fly, please let you tour consultant know in time so they can book for you the flights and advise on the available time blocks for aircraft.

Can I camp in a safari destination?

Yes absolutely you can camp in safari place and those packages are readily avialble to you through your tour consultant. However you should know that not all parks offer this so you choices may be limited to like Lake Mburo National Park and the likes that have the in park camping options.

Are there safaris for just a day in Uganda?

Unfortunately not, Uganda safaris are usually between 3 days to 10 days or more. This is because the safari parks are quite far from the city so you always have to consider the transit time to and from the safari destination.

How many safari parks can I tour on one safari?

This is dependant on you, your preference and how much tiem you are willing to spend in the country for the safari. You can choose to tour all safari destination at a go which may take you about a month or so, or you can choose to tour some destinations for the period you are in the country and then visit the rest next time.