2022 Hiking Permit For Nyiragongo in Congo

2022 Hiking Permit For Nyiragongo in Congo: A Nyiragongo hiking permit in Congo is a document that grants entry to Mount Nyiragongo for hiking. Mount Nyiragongo is one of the two active volcanoes in the Virunga Conservation Area, with the most recent eruption occurring in 2002 and minor volcanic activity occurring in 2016. Mount Nyiragongo is one of the world’s most recent volcanoes to erupt, and it is expected to erupt again in the near future. The Nyiragongo volcano has erupted up to 34 times in the past, making it one of Africa’s and the world’s most active volcanoes. The Nyiragongo Volcano, on the other hand, is safe to trek and explore because the Goma Volcano Observatory keeps an eye on it 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Mount Nyiragongo boasts the world’s biggest lava lake, which millions of visitors have travelled thousands of kilometers to see. Hiking the Nyiragongo volcano takes at least two days, with some visitors choosing for three.

2022 Hiking Permit For Nyiragongo in Congo
Mount Nyiragongo

 It takes two days to climb Mount Nyiragongo, visit the lava lake, spend the night at the peak, and then descend the next day. The ascent to the Nyiragongo volcano begins at 10 a.m., and those who do not arrive on time are not permitted to follow the team on their own in an attempt to catch up with them. The climb to the top takes 6 hours, whereas the descent takes only approximately 4 hours.

Hiking the Nyiragongo volcano rewards visitors with breathtaking views of the environment and surroundings, as well as the enthralling beauty of the lava lake at the peak.

A Nyiragongo hiking permit is necessary to be bought in order to trek the Nyiragongo and gaze at the magnificent lava lake. A Nyiragongo hiking permit is just $300 per person, per trek. The Nyiragongo trekking permit is available at the Virunga National Park headquarters or via a reputable travel operator.

Booking ahead of time may be necessary only to reserve a space on a certain day. During the off season, however, it may not be necessary to book in advance. The Nyiragongo trekking permit is not refundable.

The price of the Nyiragongo hiking permit does not include the cost of meals. You may need to hire a chef to perform the cooking for you, which is highly recommended because you will not be able to do so once at the top due to the cold and altitude. The Nyiragongo hiking permit fee, on the other hand, includes an overnight stay at the top in one of the shelters. Most visitors, however, buy the Mikeno package, which includes meals (lunch, supper, and breakfast the next day).

2022 Hiking Permit For Nyiragongo in Congo
2022 Hiking Permit For Nyiragongo in Congo

Travelers departing from Bukima Tented Camp or Mikeno Lodge are given a ‘Volcano Pack,’ which includes a rain poncho, thermal sleeping bag, warm long-sleeved sweater, fleece sleeping bag liner, drinking water, and a packed lunch. If you are not staying at one of the two stated housing choices, you may wish to bring them with you as part of your hiking gear.

Porters may be hired at the Kibati patrol post at the start of the walk. Porters cost approximately $24 and help you carry your weight during the trek as well as assist you with a push or pull. The maximum weight that the porters are permitted to carry is 15kg; bear this in mind.

Before applying for a tourist Visa in Congo, one must first get or reserve a Nyiragongo trekking permit. A tourist visa to Congo costs $100 for a 14-day visit. Hiking the Nyiragongo is only for anybody over the age of 12.

A certain level of physical fitness is essential to effectively trek the Nyiragongo. Travellers are recommended to conduct thorough study on the Nyiragongo or just contact their preferred tour operator for a wealth of information as they arrange a visit.

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