Kasenyi Plains in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Kasenyi Plains in Queen Elizabeth National Park : Kasenyi plains are in the north-east of Queen Elizabeth National Park and are sometimes called Mweya. The Kasenyi sector is another name for these lands. The fields are interesting because you can see wildlife like Uganda Kobs and antelopes for miles and miles during a safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park. West of Lake George and next to the well-known Kazinga waterway, the plains are close to the beautiful shores of Lake George. Since there are more antelopes in Kasenyi Plains than in other parts of the park, lions and other cats are often seen there. Antelopes are their main food source, so antelopes are also in this part of the park, where they can see their predators clearly and run away to save their lives this can be clearly sighted on the Uganda safari.

Kazinga channel is part of the Kasenyi plains. At noon, you can take a boat cruise on the channel and get close to hippos and crocodiles. The cruise lasts about two hours, and elephants are often seen playing or bathing in the water on their way from the vast Kasenyi plains to the Kazinga channel.

Kasenyi plains are next to Lake George and have beautiful views of the lake. There are said to be up to 200 lions in this wildlife and bird breeding area. Some of the birds that are often seen in the Kasenyi plains are grey crown cranes, red-throated spur fowls, and yellow-throated long crows, cattle egrets, raptors, African jacana, and among others.

Thanks Kasenyi plains area is also an outstanding safari destination for shooters. You can take pictures of lions preying on antelopes and a lot of other animals, and you can also take pictures of yourself to remember the wild Africa. Other animals frequently spotted grazing are warthogs and elephants.

Kasenyi plains are mostly home to large groups of Uganda Kobs. Kobs from all over Queen Elizabeth National Park come to Kasenyi Plains to mate. Lions and leopards come to Kasenyi plains to hunt because there are Kobs there. On the game drive through Kasenyi Plains, you can see big cats like lions and leopards. In Kasenyi Plains, you can easily see about 200 lions and green land birds like the yellow-throated long crow, grey-crowned cranes, and red-throated spur flow, yellow-billed stork, Black kite, Wattled Lapwing, Marabou stork, and others.

The primary safaris in Uganda are preferred here because lions are clearly seen in the plain grassland. You can also take good pictures in Kasenyi Plains, and there’s a chance you’ll see the king of the bush hunting for a kobs to eat for the day. As if that is not enough, you can also see kobs mating in the grounds. You can go on the best game drive in Africa in Kasenyi lands.

Other attractions within the perimeter of Kasenyi Plains include;

Kasenyi airstrip is not only a faster way to get to the park, but it is also a place to visit. At the Kasenyi runway, you can see Kobs, warthogs, buffaloes, and many other animals better.

Kazinga channel is also not so far away from the plains. In Queen Elizabeth National Park, the Kazinga Channel is south-west of the Kasenyi Plains. So, if you go to Queen Elizabeth National Park, don’t miss this chance to take your safari to the next level by seeing the beautiful Kazinga Channel.

Other safari attractions are the lakes; Lake Bunyampaka, Lake George, among others. Lake George is also an intriguing aspect on its own. The long grass swamp that runs along Lake George is home to a lot of animals that you might not be able to see anywhere else in the park. For example, there are waterbucks, unique antelopes called Statungas, islands like Kankurango, Irangara, and Akika, and the most famous place is the Kasoga Community.

Kasenyi Plains in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Kasenyi fishing village is also another safari attraction to bring you inspiration when you visit Queen Elizabeth National Park. Every person who goes to Queen Elizabeth national park wants to know more about the culture of the fishers. You can also get the opportunity to sample a fresh fish snack at Kasenyi fishing village with in the park.

Getting there; the park (Queen Elizabeth National Park) is located 420km from Kampala along Kasese- Mbarara main road. The Kasenyi plains are in Queen Elizabeth National Park, in the Rwenzururu sub-region of the kasese district.  The Kasenyi plains are in the northern part of the park, which is also called the Mweya sector or the Kasenyi sector.

You shouldn’t have to worry about where to stay in Queen Elizabeth National Park. There are many places to stay in the park that will fit your needs. They are also located in an idyllic setting of Queen Elizabeth national park.  The accommodation facilities span from luxury to budget camps that have nice standard amenities that will fit in your wish list;

Mweya safari lodge is a luxury facility located on Mweya peninsular, Jacana lodge is another with very fine standards, Simba safari camp, Park view lodge, Ishasha Ntungwe river camp, Queen Elizabeth Safari Lodge, safari camp Ihamba, The tent camp at Kyambura and, Mweya, among other places.

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