Orchid’s Safari Club

Orchid’s Safari Club is a luxurious nature lodge that sits around Lake Kavu where guests are welcomed in an exceptional environment. However, Lake Kivu covers an area of 2,700 square kilometers and sits at an altitude of 1,460 meters above sea level. More so, the lake bed is located in a rift valley that is slowly being pulled apart, thus causing volcanic activity. The lake offers maximum depth of 480meter which ranks it the fifteenth in the world.  It is approximately an hour from Bukavu, along Kivu where you can discover Kahuzi Biega National Park. It is known as one of the best nature reserves to protect gorillas.

Your stay at Orchids safari club offers a great opportunity to trek a unique sub species of gorillas known as the Eastern Lowland Gorillas which is endemic to the Dr Congo.

The lodge consists of about 22 comfortable rooms with about 2 suits that offer a natural surrounding beauty of the magical Lake Kivu thus giving remarkable environment experience on safaris.

The lodge offers an international uniform service to all travelers who visits the place.

Orchids Safari Club Facilities and Amenities;

The lodge offer free parking space for the guest’s stay.

They offer thrilling children’s activities.

They have spacious restaurant that serves tasty meals well prepared both locally and internationally.

They offer free Wi-Fi around that keep guests in contacts.

They offer laundry services.

The lodge has exceptionally friendly staff that make your stay comfortable.

The restaurant is elegant and inviting with a great atmosphere.

Rooms are featured by;

The lodge have a variety of comfortable rooms in range of facilities.

Rooms are designed with everything you need from a large bed with cotton linen, working area and perfect bathroom with good shower and a coffee machine, clean bedding.

Activities offered at Orchid Safari Club -Kahuzi Biega National Park

They include chimpanzee trekking, Game viewing, Mountain hiking, Boat cruise excursions and Cultural encounter that gives you a memorable experience.

Tea plantation;

Along your stay at Archid safari lodge, you can go for tea plantation where you have a great chance to visit a high-altitude tea plantation of about 1,950 – 2,000meter.

Orchid’s Safari Club
Orchid’s Safari Club

Kayaking Experience

This is rewarding activity done on the Lake Kivu where you’re likely to relax on the Lake Kivu.

The park is one of the last nature reserves to lowland gorillas, with a major attraction for visitors on Congo Safari Tours.

Kahuzi Biega National Park comprises of 12 gorilla families and 3 are habituated and open for Congo Gorilla Trekking Safaris.

How to Get a Congo Gorilla Trekking Permit;

Booking your permit is essential and can be best done through a Gorilla Safari Congo tour operator like we Achieve Global Safaris can organize for you a perfect and affordable tour package.

Best Time for Trekking Gorillas in Congo;

Congo gorilla safaris are all year round visited, however, the best time to visit the park for the activities usually happens from the month of June- October and Mid- December – February.

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